Curated by Victoria Scholes.

From outrageous ideas to beautiful objects

The connection between brilliant ideas and astonishing skill forms the foundation of craft and making today.

Great Northern Graduates 2014 offers us an insight into the many ways that our most talented designers and makers bring together big ideas and finely honed technique to do a multiplicity of clever and beautiful things. They create exquisite objects to wear and to own, as well as art that reflects, remembers and re-invents. Not to mention addressing some of the most pressing everyday issues for today’s world.

It has been an enormous privilege to select work from some of 2014’s top creative talent for the Great Northern Graduate Showcase. And it’s fitting that in the North West’s most significant craft fair, a good proportion of these designers and makers are from the North.

We are fortunate to be able to stand with these makers at the beginning of what will certainly be outstanding careers - and to have a snapshot of what’s at the forefront of Craft here and now. I hope you enjoy the show.

Victoria Scholes, Curator Great Northern Graduates


Victoria Scholes is an artist, writer and curator based in the North West. She has shown work nationally including at the British Glass Biennale, and Broadfield House Glass Museum. She is chair of the Contemporary Glass Society (CGS), which is widely recognised as the foremost organisation for promoting cutting edge glass and glass-makers in the UK.