Ornament 2014 was curated by Kelda Savage.


Ornament aims to inspire new and existing collectors as well as champion the wealth of contemporary craft on display in museums, galleries and private collections across the North West.

These collections provided a starting point for Ornament.  Kelda Savage visited the venues, talked to the curators about the pieces and how they cam to form part of a collection, in order to choose a particular artist from each venue to show in Ornament.  The artists selected demonstrate outstanding knowledge, skills, techniques and innovation.

Ornament brings together the very best examples of textiles, ceramics, glass, mixed media and jewellery.

"Understanding the processes of making and the histories of each object will enable visitors to more fully engage with the pieces on view and encourage confidence and a desire to own something truly amazing."  Kelda Savage, Curator, Ornament 2014.