GREEN GRADS IN THE NORTH are recent graduates of UK Universities with ideas to heal the planet. Fresh from the London Design Festival, and exclusively at the GNCCF.

Exhibiting in the original Edwardian changing cubicles flanking Pool C, they’ll be bringing us stunning craft, innovative techniques and challenging concepts. Plus a continuous programme of compelling project films and demonstrations.

GREEN GRADS is an ongoing UK initiative founded and curated by multi-award-winning design journalist, Barbara Chandler, known for her long-running pages in the London Evening Standard. GREEN GRADS is a platform for UK graduates engaging with eco-issues, such as sustainability, climate change, circular production, waste and pollution, diminishing resources, biophilia, bio-diversity and much more.; @greengrads22

ECO STORIES is the culmination of the GREEN GRADS Textile Challenge, which invited graduates to express their feelings for the environment, from love of nature to the climate crisis, in pattern on cloth. See the winners' stunning lengths of fabrics on display in Pool A.  ECO STORIES is sponsored by Epson @epsonUK.